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Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Asthma and your child

tanding of his condition may help you to help him live better with asthma.

Asthma and your child

Your child suffers from asthma. Whenever there any change in weather, you dread that your child would be again having struggling to breathe and wheeze. More than your child, it’s you who suffer more, and are more uncomfortable. A child with asthma needs extra care and protection; a good understanding of his condition may help you to help him live better with asthma.

Asthma- An overview
Asthma is not a condition of the recent times. Its existence dates back to ancient Egypt. The word asthma comes from the Greek word, “aazein” which means to pant or exhale with mouth open. In the early 20th century, asthma was regarded as a psychosomatic disorder. It was only in the 1960’s that the inflammatory nature of asthma was first recognized.
Asthma is a condition in which the airways in the lungs get inflamed due to trigger factors like pollen dust, mold, air pollution, cigarette smoke, common cold, flu, cold weather and exercise. Asthma in children affects their school work, play, and sleep. Children feel much troubled by the symptoms of asthma and when it is left untreated it leads to asthma attacks that can be dangerous.
During an asthma attack the mucus in the lungs get’s clogged in the airways causing the air tubes in the lung to tighten and swell. During such an attack, the child experiences symptoms like wheezing, cough with mucus, breathing problem, congestion and tightening of chest, chest pain, difficulty in talking, sleep problems, and fatigue.

Avoiding Asthma Attacks
To keep your child safe from asthma, it is important that you recognize the trigger factors causing asthma in your child. You must keep your child away from irritants and trigger factors like pollen, dust, pet dander, mold, food preservatives, tobacco smoke, certain perfumes and deodorants, Aspirin, sinus infections, exercise, change in temperature, emotional situations, heartburn and certain viruses.
Once you recognize the trigger factors you must take steps to avoid them. If pollen dust is causing the problem then close your windows and doors to avoid pollen from getting in. To prevent mold, keep areas of kitchen and bathroom clean and dry. You can use a dehumidifier to keep the humidity low thus preventing growth of mold. To avoid dust and dust mites, wash your draperies regularly in hot water that is above 130 F. Chemically treated carpets keep the dust mites away. Stuffed toys generally catch dust. Try to keep them away from dust. Do not let pets enter the house or the area where your child stays as pet dander can trigger asthma attack. Do not let your child get exposed to any air pollution or tobacco smoke.

Using a peak flow meter
 A Peak flow meter is a device that helps to measure the amount of air that is coming out of lungs. In people with asthma the air coming out of lungs is low. With the help of this device you can check your child’s air flow from lungs and determine how serious the asthma attack is. The peak flow meter device has a meter scale with indicator on it. Make sure the reading on the device is at zero. The child has to blow into the mouth piece of the device after taking a deep breath. The reading on the meter scale is shown by the indicator. This way the readings are taken two more times and the highest of the three readings is noted. When asthma is in complete control, the reading taken gives you the ‘personal best score’. It is the best reading that you take in two weeks after asthma control. You can now compare the daily scores you record on the peak flow meter to the personal best score. This will give you an idea whether your child’s condition is improving or not.
The peak flow zone system has three zones of different colors like the traffic light system that indicate how your child is doing. The peak scores are put into one of the three zones to study the severity of the asthma your child is having.

Green zone: When your child gets a score that is 80% to 100% of your personal best score then it shows that your child’s asthma is under control. In this stage the child does not show any symptoms but it is recommended that the child should take its preventive medication.
Yellow zone: When your child gets a score that is 50% to 80% of the personal best score then the readings fall in the yellow zone which indicates that the condition of your child’s asthma is getting worse. The child shows symptoms like wheezing and coughing. You should consult your doctor for advice.
Red Zone: This zone indicates a medical emergency where the scores are below 50 % of the personal best score. In this condition the child’s fingernails and lips turn bluish in color. The child will have severe breathing problem, coughing and wheezing. There is no time to lose in this condition. The child has to be taken to the hospital immediately.

Treating asthma
There are several medications to treat the symptoms of asthma. To stop asthma attack, a bronchodilator may be prescribed. The bronchodilator when used opens up the blocked airways in the lung and helps in easy breathing. To prevent asthma attack, anti-inflammatory medications are prescribed by the doctor that has to be taken daily. These medications prevent the airway from swelling and thus prevent asthma attack from occurring. You must take all medications only after consulting your doctor.

Your cognizant personality works throughout the day conversing with you. Around evening time the oblivious personality assumes control and brings you dreams. Your fantasies are messages to you, and it's critical to comprehend them. In old circumstances, individuals trusted that the divine beings addressed them in dreams. As ahead of schedule as the fifth century B.C. ministers were accountable for deciphering dreams. Dreams were imperative for the guidance about existence they gave. It was believed that fantasies anticipated what's to come. The colossal thinkers of old history like Heraclitus, Plato and Aristotle attempted to comprehend what dreams mean. Aristotle felt that fantasies were thoughts extra from the cognizant existence. He felt that fantasies are influenced by your wellbeing.

what do my fantasies meanEveryone Wants to Know What Dreams Mean

In prior circumstances, numerous people groups, similar to the Iroquois Indians and locals of Borneo, saw no difference amongst dreams and reality. They took after the guidelines they had always wanted religiously. On the off chance that a man envisioned that his better half has submitted infidelity, he trusted that it has really happened and charged her.

Dreams disclose to us what we feel about ourselves and how we should experience our lives. A few dreams uncover your oblivious apprehensions and wants. A few dreams speak to your most profound wishes and longings and help us to satisfy them. Present day dream hypothesis depends on crafted by Freud, who trusted that fantasies communicated our most profound wants, and utilized images to speak to our desires. Freud being Freud, he trusted that most dreams were articulation of shrouded issues, and numerous articles in dreams filled in as sentimental images. Dreams are the means by which we discharge our quelled contemplations and let off steam.

Jung, who started as Freud's understudy, trusted that most dreams are imperative messages from ourselves to ourselves, and they should be comprehended. Dreams are a mirror that reflects obscure parts of our psyche. Different therapists trust that fantasies are simply one more aspect of life, brimming with recollections and pictures left finished from the waking encounters. In dreams we reevaluate and compose these bits of incomplete business from our lives.

We require rest to recoup from daytime exercises and energize our vitality. We likewise require rest for our mental wellbeing since we have to dream. Every one of us dream in our rest, some of the time up to six dreams per night, regardless of whether you recall every one of them. Most dreams happen amid the time of rest known as REM, Rapid Eye Movement. Kids additionally dream, yet their fantasies are less muddled and normally include creatures. Indeed, even creatures dream.

A few people say that they don't dream, however it's imaginable they are curbing their fantasies. Dreams are difficult to recall in light of the fact that their occasions are regularly nonsensical, and complex and difficult to order. Like clutching a cloud, the harder we endeavor to recall a fantasy, the more distant away it slips. One approach to recollect dreams is to remind ourselves at sleep time that we need to review our fantasies. At times it's valuable while we are snoozing to ask the fantasy for what valid reason we can't recollect it. While you are envisioning, you can even ask the fantasy itself what it implies. You can recollect dreams better in the event that you record them promptly after waking, while the pictures are as yet striking. A Dream Diary will enable monitor your fantasies and your translation of them.

what do my fantasies meanHow to Interpret What a Dream Means

Since people share normal expectations, fears and stresses, they regularly share comparable dreams, as well. Be that as it may, each fantasy is close to home and novel. The examination of your fantasy relies upon your identity and your own encounters. To investigate your fantasy, you should first review the subtle elements as you envisioned them, and afterward recognize the images of the fantasy. It utilizes the system of free affiliation, and to record the principal words that jump out at you. At that point begin developing the fantasy, without feedback or altering. The fantasies you recollect best and the fantasies that repeat frequently are probably going to be the most critical. The significance of your fantasy relies upon the feelings you felt, how you responded in the fantasy and the state of mind you were in. To investigate the fantasy, you can distinguish a comparable state of mind you had wakeful, and any waking encounters that were critical.

The motivation behind the fantasy could be to caution you of risk, to support you, or to manage you. Your fantasy could speak to your most profound wishes, similar to the lady who longed for babies, or the adolescent who longs for a date with a hero. In your fantasies, trying the impossible can be the image of your vocation desire. The hero, or driving performer, in your fantasy is typically yourself. In the fantasies where you are not the performing artist, a question or creature or someone else may speak to your perspective. The significance of dreams is unpredictable. Dream Dictionaries are accessible to distinguish the many dream circumstances, and to decipher the a huge number of images that show up in your fantasies.

what do my fantasies meanI Dream That I am Falling. What Does My Dream Mean?

"When I dream that I am falling, I battle or jolt and wake myself up."

The falling dream is amazingly normal. The experience of awakening yourself out of a fantasy is known as a myclonic snap. A few dreams are real to the point that the cerebrum trusts you are extremely falling or in risk, so the mind flags the body to escape and escape. The Falling Dream speaks to your sentiments of nervousness and frailty. You get a handle on your life is of control, or you can't stay aware of every other person and have nothing to clutch. The fantasy may imply that you need to accomplish something imprudent, perhaps foolhardy.

what do my fantasies meanCan My Dream Predict the Future?

"I had a fantasy that something would happen, and it worked out as expected. Will dreams foresee what's to come?"

Life with Asthma
Life for a child with asthma can be challenging at times. You must inform the school authorities, teachers, school nurses and coaches if your child is asthmatic. Your child can feel embarrassed to use the bronchodilator in front of other children .It is important to let your child know the importance of using it. It is better that you tell your child’s classmates as well so that they do not make fun of your child when it has to use the bronchodilator. You must let your child know that being asthmatic is not a disability; it is just a health condition that can be dealt with easily. Giving all the emotional support you can for your child will make it easier for your child to deal with asthma better.

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